Make A Date With Yourself

Make A Date With Yourself



BY Kelly Olsen

On November 5th, there are 9 Tuesdays until the end of the year. Just reading this can send some of us into a panic. These next two months can be filled with a dizzying number of tasks and activities. between holidays, sports, school schedules, and business end - of - year requirements, our days can run one into the next. 

Imagine a new approach to this season. We have heard that we need to fill our own cup and serve others from the overflow. Start Now. Book a minimum 15 - minute moment for yourself each week for the next 8 weeks. Don't miss the appointment. Arrive into the new year with fresh energy and a renewed commitment to take care of yourself. 

Need help with Ideas?

Here's a start:

Watch a sunrise

Go to an author visit at a bookstore

Write a thankyou note, TO yourself

Play solitaire with actual cards

Read poetry books at the Library

Sit-In silence for 10 minutes

Walk After Dinner (Leah Fav!)

Have Tea on your porch in the moonlight

Watch the wind

Rest your hand on your chest and feel your heartbeat

listen to music that makes you smile

Wera pajamas all-day

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Hugs, Kelly





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