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Tinkknit works in a few ways for the customer who would like to destash and resell items that are related to knitting, sewing, crochet and anything else fiber related. Tinkknit is a website dedicated to the fiber enthusiast and all can afford special treats.

How Does It Work If I set Up My Own Shop?

If you want to set up your own shop

If you would like to set up your own shop awesome! Its super easy, just click the JOIN US at the top and it will direct you on how to do it.

You can see many How To videos that I created on YouTube and while your there click to subscribe!

What Are The Fee's

If you set up your own shop Tinkknit will take a 10% Commission. That will happen at time of sale.

Am I in charge of......

shipping the item? Yes

Contacting The Buyer for any reason? Yes

Any Other questions let me know

What If I want to do Consignment?

The Basics?

Love the idea of de-stashing your knitting supplies and yarn, but don’t have the time or energy to set up a shop, take photos, label things correctly and then wait for it to sell. Then on top of all that pack and ship the items to their new home. We are now offering a Consignment Service for those that want to take a short cut.


We are happy to help you de-stash your knitting supplies, but we do have certain perimeters for items we will accept for sale.

The Following Yarn Companies We Unfortunately Do Not Accept:

Lion Brand, Knit Picks, Mrs. Crosby, Cloud 9, Anything Purchased at Joannes and Micheals etc, Boye Knitting and Crochet items, Susan Bates, Any Old Yarn That’s been sitting around for years, Yarn with Ripped labels.

We DO Welcome yarns that have been “caked” as long as it’s in good condition and has a label.

Types and Conditions We Accept

Ask yourself: Would I give this to my best friend? Don’t forget, we only accept 40% of items in the average Consignment Bag. If we don’t accept your stash you can have it donated to charity or we will ship it back to you for a $10.99 charge that will be taken out of your earnings.

    We Accept Items That Are:
  • Clean with no pet hair or animal smells.
  • All Skeins must have their original labels.
  • Free of any stains, rips, pulls, ect.
  • We take partial skeins of rare yarn only.
  • And most important excellent condition!!!


We take a flat commission of 60%

Payment are sent the following month after a sale on the 15th using PayPal.

Please fill out the form so we know what to expect here.

How Do I order a Kit?

You have three options, You can order a small, large or a print at home label HERE