Bundle of Spincycle Yarns Dyed In The Wool - 9 Skeins/9 Colors!

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The ever popular SPINCYCLE YARNS DYED IN THE WOOL all in one bundle!

Purchase nine (9) skeins of Spincycle Yarns Dyed In The Wool that I purchased for various projects but mainly for Andrea Mowry's Shift Cowl, Shift Along Hat, Stonecrop Pullover and Cardi, Ghost Ranch...you name it.  I love Andrea Mowry patterns.  But Spincyle is a unique yarn that adds exquisite color to any pattern.  This is enough yarn to make several of the patterns listed above.

The colors included are (from left to right):

Mississippi Masala, Summer Love, Frosty Night, Saddest Place, Nostalgia, Devilish Grin, End of Summer, Bump, Shades of Earth.

What a collection!  Treat yourself.  Treat a friend.  Treat yourself and a friend.  There's plenty to go around!

$32/skein x 9 skeins = $288


Note:  If you're looking for a particular color of Spincycle I haven't listed, please email me and I'll check my stash.  Yes, I have more!