Hedgehog Fibres Yarn Potluck Skinny Singles Custom Fade Kit - 6 Skeins

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Hedgehog Fibres Yarn Skinny Singles Custom Fade Kit - 6 Skeins of Potluck


Do you love Hedgehog Fibre? Do you love their fades?

Well you're in luck! Here is a 6-skein Fade Kit from their custom Potluck Colors. Going from a mint green to a neon pink is stunning.

I can put a value on 6 skeins of HHF Skinny Singles ($180) but it's hard to value the Potluck Custom Fade Kit. Just know that this is a steal!


NOTE: I also have other Hedgehog Club colors in fades and various bases I will be posting so stay tuned! If you're looking for a certain color/base from a particular club in a particular year then message me and I'll check my stash. I've been a member of HHF Clubs for a few years.