Do you want to set up a shop and by a shop, I mean Banner, Logo, and profile picture, but just don't have the time, the energy, and the know-how?

Well, problem solved, I will do it for you! 

You will get all the stuff to make your shop pop!!!

Full disclosure, I am not a professional but I do know how to create the basics and the two examples shown below are my creations.

This is my Business and I NEED my business to look amazing. Period. I ask when customers click on your shop, your store looks like a shop, not like a 1/2 idea that got 5 mins of your time on it. No offense given, maybe you had five mins, maybe you are overwhelmed and maybe you just need me your fairy godmother to fly in and give it a quick makeover. Cool right? Ok so if you're in yay!  

I have priced this to cover my time, and the need to have a beautiful website. Yes Please!

So for a minimal fee, you will receive the following:

Seller Profile Picture

Seller Shop Logo

Shop Store Banner

From you, I need a color idea, any photos of things you like... Pinterest pins?

Remember this is a simple quick get up... I am not going over a million drafts and spending hours, this is to get your site from blah to yes I would like to spend money here. Turn around time is ASAP cause I want your shop to look amazing!!!! 

If you want super fancy pop over to Etsy.... lots of options there.